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Hammock Bear

Photo is hilarious. Seriously, don’t feed bears, but do make sure you have a camera handy at all times.

Hilarious. Just watched a squirrel edge in on a game of outdoor Bocce. Didn’t know what it was doing, but it chased every throw quite expertly

Farnam Street: Stoics

The Stoic Way of Life. Bit of a longer read, but super interesting in any case. There’s a lot of pro-society, pro-human, gender equality, and egalitarian sort of ideas, here. Good to know that goes back so far into our past. Maybe we could tease a bit more of those out in our daily lives again..

Kendra: Summer WHY

Yup. Awesome.

Radiolab: 60 Words

at Radiolab.org. Unreal. How we got to endless war. Take note, Orwell, et al. It’s interesting, too, as Radiolab doesn’t generally touch politics. I like.

USA: oligarchy, not democracy

Is America an Oligarchy?. Yep. Definitely smells that way.

A study from Princeton took a numeric look at what happens in our national politics, and it tells the story that we all mostly sensed: the democratic process is succumbing to bad actors with the ability to sway issues and politics away from the interests of the rest of us puny humans.

Good to know.

Slate: Adjuncts in Universities

Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts — The solution to the higher-ed adjunct crisis lies in the U.S. News rankings. Good call. Point being that we can change incentives for universities by penalizing them for not hiring full-time faculty. It’s a problem I’ve seen effect many of my friends’ lives.